* Hello! I’m Navneet Alang and I’m only half as crazy and creepy as I look in that photo over there. Send angry rants and embarrassing compliments to: navalang [at] gmail [dot] com 

*You can find me on Twitter at @navalang.

About Me


I am a freelancer writer who specializes in the intersection of the web, technology and contemporary culture. My work has appeared in (or on) The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Canadian Business, Hazlitt Magazine, Quill and Quire, Toronto Standard, This Magazine, and elsewhere. I also write about food and drink, race and diaspora, and urban issues. What can I say? It’s the 2010s. Things are all jumbled up.

I am currently on something of a hiatus from professional writing as I work on my dissertation. If you’re still interested in samples, however, here are a few of my faves:

  • On Google’s Project Glass and the ‘myth’ of augmented reality – on The Atlantic
  • A long-form piece on how digital technology affects the idea of the individual, particularly as represented in contemporary literature – on Hazlitt.
  • On adolescence, fluid identity and why teens resent Facebook – on Globe and Mail.
  • A column on Sony’s many problems in the TV business and how it might go about fixing them – in Canadian Business & on Yahoo Finance
  • Some thoughts on The Verge’s Paul Miller’s year off the internet and why the offline is the new pastoral – on Hazlitt.
  • Reflecting on Robin Sloan’s experimental iPhone app on attention in the modern age – on Toronto Standard
  • Some thoughts about how the web helps immigrants straddle two cultures by making culture far more accessible – in This Magazine
  • An admittedly flawed, but still hopefully useful piece on whether or not Toronto’s recent restaurant buzz is  ‘too white’ – on Toronto Standard


I am a PhD student at York University in Toronto in the English program. My dissertation is on the impact of virtual technologies like the web and video games on how individuals are represented and conceptualised in contemporary British immigrant and coming of age novels. Needless to say, my life is a veritable rollercoaster of chills, thrills and spills. I expect to be done somewhere between late 2012 and early 2042.

About This Blog

Loosely speaking, a discussion of the modern: the web, ebooks, pop culture, gaming and other bits and bobs that strike my fancy. My general aim here, beyond having a place to shoot my mouth off, is to examine how technology and the internet form part of the ebb and flow of contemporary culture.

As for the name, no, it’s not a ripoff of Waxy. “Reflections Scrawled in Wax” was the name of a journal/book of poetry I kept in high school, the contents of which are even more cringe-inducing than you’d guess. I originally gave this blog the same name because of the often meandering nature of my thoughts; however, the more I began to blog about technology and popular culture, the more I started to see the overlap and the complex, shifting relationship between contemporary culture and the world of tech. So the name stuck and, in my mind at least, sorta’ makes sense.


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